Who We Are

Welcome to our little corner of the recipe blog world!

We are the Howe sisters, and we like to cook, and, more importantly, we like to eat! Hence our repertoire of recipes. Anyone who knows us is already aware that we will use any excuse we can to get together and eat. Even though we all live at least 30 minutes apart we manage to get together a lot. Some of our recipes come from family, some come from our friends, and some come from our happy little minds. But all of our recipes are tried-and-true and, best of all, easy. We're not big fans of going to the store (and one of us doesn't live within 30 miles of one), so we try to make recipes that require mostly staple ingredients. We hope you'll find something you like.

From oldest to youngest:

I'm the first, and oldest, sister of the crew and sort of the leader of the pack.  I have been married for 13 years, have 4 kids, and live in the middle of nowhere (25 miles from the nearest neighbor AND STORE!).  I love, love, love to cook and bake and have spent lots of years getting pretty good at it.  My sisters and friends call me Betty Crocker so I must be doing something right.  I am really good at giving advice and take frequent phone calls from my sissies when they have cooking questions.  I love trying new things and am always looking for new recipes.  I hope that you will enjoy what we post here and find something you love!
I am the second sister, one of the ones in the middle, and always caught in the middle of our sisterly drama.  I am married to the biggest kid around and have two of the cutest kids around!  I enjoy cooking--though I rarely cook these days--but when I do it's usually pretty darn tasty.  I like to share my recipes with others and love hearing about someone making one of them and getting the review on whether or not they liked it. Hopefully we'll share something here that you and your family will love and you'll leave us a comment so we get to hear all about it!

 I am the second to youngest sister and I too love to cook. I have been married for eight years and in the beginning I could not cook to save my life. My husband Grant always gave me guff about it so I decided to learn. So after a lot of practice and a few million phone calls to my older sisters, now even he says that I am a great cook. One of my kids is truly the pickiest eater in the world and so I am always looking for recipes that I can incorporate chicken nuggets or french fries into. Just kidding! But I do mostly make recipes that contain simple ingredients even a toddler will eat, but are still tasty. I love to try new recipes and share them with others if they turn out great. My husband is my best critic and will honestly tell me when something isn't a keeper. I hope you will find something you like and will become a favorite in your family too.
I am the youngest and, therefore, the favorite :) I have been married for a few years and have the cutest little boy you've ever seen, and my cooking is mostly just for my little family. However, I do enjoy cooking and baking for anyone who is willing to eat what I make! That being said, whenever I take anything to a family function with my in-laws, they always ask for the recipe. In fact, they suggested us Howe girls make a recipe book, so they are partially to thank for this blog. I am excited about this blog and hope to share something with you that you will make and love!

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