Tuesday, August 9, 2011

cake cookies

when we lived in orem, i had an amazing visiting teacher. from the time we moved in until the time she moved out (almost 2 years later), i don't think she ever missed a month of visiting me. she was super friendly and easy going, and she made me feel right at home and comfortable in a new ward where i knew nobody. she always came, she always shared a good message, she always stayed to chat about everyday things, and she always brought treats. she even threw me a baby shower when i was pregnant with my little boy. see what i mean? golden. i was sold on this vt.

one of her favorite treats to bring was cake cookies. she made these at my shower and my family was completely sold on them! since then, i've only made them a few times, but whenever i do i commit to making them more often. they are easy peasy and yummalish.