Monday, September 12, 2011

winger's concrete pie

so i have this friend. she's pretty awesome. we went to snow college at the same time and worked together at the best pizza place ephraim has to offer. she taught me about eating saltine crackers with vanilla ice cream. you haven't tried it? i know. it sounds terrible. but it's not. then she moved away. and i never talked to her again. until! a few years ago, i discovered her on facebook and then discovered that she had a blog! it's here. she is an awesome mom and photographer and i laugh at every single post she writes. check it out if you'd like. anyway, one day i found this recipe on her blog. and i was in heaven. because who doesn't like concrete pie? (not to be confused with asphalt pie which is made of mint chocolate chip ice cream.) my husband's least favorite food combination in the world is mint and chocolate, so when we discovered winger's had ventured to the concrete side of things, we were stoked. then we were even more stoked when i learned how to make it. so here ya go:
image here

i didn't take a picture because we were too busy devouring it, but we substitute caramel for the chocolate :)

1 pkg double-stuffed oreos
1/4-1/2 bottle caramel topping
1 carton cookie dough ice cream, softened (breyer's mrs. fields or dryer's nestle tollhouse are the best)
whipped cream

you can make your own oreo crust by putting 12 oreos in the food processor and then pressing them into a pie tin, or you can be classy (like me) and buy a pre-made oreo crust. 
once you have your crust, fill it half way with ice cream. then, pour caramel topping over the ice cream until it is completely covered. finally, cover the topping with more ice cream until the crust is completely filled. freeze over night. before serving, crumble oreos on top of the entire pie, top each piece with more caramel and whipped cream, and then die and go to heaven (after you take a bite, of course :)

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Mia Rivel said...

such a beautiful blo, I'm your newest follower =)