Monday, September 19, 2011

meal plan monday

back in february, we showed you how we make a menu. i swear by it. however, i've noticed that some months are crazy and a schedule for the whole month is too much. so sometimes, i just do it week by week. that way, i can get my groceries for that week and be done with it. they do this 'meal plan monday' over at pearls, handcuffs, and happy hour, and i thought it was a fun idea. i'm not promising i'll do it every week, but i thought i'd do it today.

sunday (i realize this is already in the past, but dinner was yummy, so i'm sharing): meatballs & gravy, pistachio salad, and some corn.

monday: teriyaki chicken and steamed veggies (i buy teriyaki sauce adn put it with chicken in the crock-pot all day. shred it and eat over rice).

tuesday: bbq pineapple bacon burgers and oven fries

wednesday: salsa tacos with chips and salsa

thursday: spinach lasagna and cheese bread

friday: chicken bacon ranch sandwiches and raspberry salad

saturday: dinner with family

hopefully this gives you some ideas for you week of meals :)

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Tera said...

I love this! Thanks for some new ideas:)