Thursday, December 23, 2010

Salsa Tacos

I just threw this in and thought maybe everyone else is rushing around with last-minute Christmas details like I am, so here's something simple for tonight! All you need is 3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I use 2 because it's just me and my husband) and some salsa. I use Pace because it's our favorite, but any kind will do. Throw it in the crockpot (for 2 chicken breasts I use about 1-2 cups of salsa) and cook all day. Shread or chunk the chicken after it's cooked, stir it around with the salsa, and serve! I think these are best in the raw tortillas you cook yourself, but my husband likes them in hard shells. Serve with cheese, cilantro, tomato, avocado, and sour cream. Done! This is the easiest recipe ever, and it is so nice for when you're in a hurry and just want to throw something in. Enjoy!
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Kim said...

I've still never tried those but they sound divoon! One of these days I'm totally making them!