Sunday, July 17, 2011

thai ginger peanut noodles

does that name sound like a mouthful? i agree. i kind of made it up. the real name is 'ginger peanut noodles with chicken.' but that's kind of a mouthful, too, right? also, i can never remember what it's called, so i always say, "you know...that thai ginger peanut noodle recipe? you know which one i mean?" and that's what we call it at our house. so that's what we'll call it here.

so once upon a christmas, my mother-in-law decided to remind me of how awesomesauce she is and give me a subscription to the magazine of my choice. although can said i should choose "people" (we love us some celebrity gossip), i went with "real simple." i know, i know. i'm quickly maturing from a gossip-loving-teen to a trying-to-figure-out-how-to-cook/clean/organize/parent-twenty-something-er. let me put a plug in for this magazine. i love, love it! i always find some good tips and tricks in there to help me simplify my life. if you don't get this magazine, you should! and if you don't want to, you should check out!

okay. where was i? oh yes. ginger peanut noodles and "real simple". i found this recipe in the recipe section (go figure!) of the magazine and was eager to try it. as i've mentioned before, we love thai food. also, once in a while i get in a cream of chicken soup/cream cheese rut (i know! it's normally my fave!) and want to change it when i found this recipe, it seemed right up our alley. i love that it's different from what we usually eat, yet it's still quick, simple, yummy, and easy on the budget. i made a few minor changes. you can find the original recipe here if you don't trust my changes :)