Sunday, July 10, 2011

feature friday ingredient: avocado!

forgive us. the 4th of july and our annual family campout threw us off a bit with our feature friday. but we are back!
 oh man. don't even get this family started on avocados. we looove them. we put them on everything. truly. blt? throw an avocado on it. favorite burger? definitely throw an avocado on it. navajo taco? salsa tacochicken bacon ranch sandwich? enchiladas? nicki specials? mexican chicken crock-pot? all yes! and i'm just getting started. see what i mean? 

so anyway...needless to say, we are happy to throw an avocado on top of just about anything! so we are excited to hear what you love to throw an avocado on/in/with. so, send us your favorite avocado recipe by thursday, and we will feature one of you (and your blog!) on friday! in your email, don't forget to leave a link to your blog so we can stalk admire you and feature you!

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