Friday, February 3, 2012


so i posted this on my blog a few years ago. i just had an apostrophe (i think you mean an epiphany); lightning has just struck my brain. i realized that these babies have yet to grace howe to cook with their presence. these things are a jewel. growing up, we all always requested these for our birthday dinners. my mom hated to make them, but i don't know why because they are suuuuper easy. and so good. and almost restaurantish if you turn on some mexican tunage and put on a sombrero.

you need:
-meat (i use round steak. it's yummy and super cheap. my sister uses chicken. do what you want. just put it in the crocker all day so it shreds easily)
-tortillas (the thinner the tortilla, the better. the super thin lynn wilson ones work well. plus, they're cheap!)
-refried beans (mine are straight out of a can. I know some people make them themselves. and i'm classy, but i'm not that classy.)
-shredded cheddar cheese
-oil (this is for frying, so you'll need a lot)

so once your meat is cooked and shredded, heat up a tortilla in the micro for 10 seconds or so. then, layer it down the middle with refried beans (smear them around), meat, and plenty of cheese. like so:
next, fold it up like a little burrito (or chimichanga. ha!). fold the short sides in so they're on the meat, then fold up the other sides. looks something like:
finally, after you get over how classy i am with my half-painted black nails, pinch your chimi between your tongs and place in oil. your oil needs to be really hot. it will look something like:
hold it in there until it's golden brown (10ish seconds).
voila! serve with sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. yuuum.

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kara said...

Hook is one of the greatest movies. I miss your green stove. These look delicious!

Kim said...

SOOO yummy! I have GOT to make these sometime soon!!

mary said...

Look good! Have you tried the raw flour tortillas? they seem really thin and I wondered if they would work good.

Tiffany said...

Marci and I made these last and they were a BIG hit! Marci said they taste like we went to a restaurant. The best part was that ALL of the kids gobbled them up with no complaints. How often does that happen?