Monday, October 3, 2011

meal plan monday

my husband has a crazy schedule in the summer. he is gone for two weeks at a time for work, and this results in me not cooking. ever. unless you call easy mac and frozen chicken nuggets cooking. which i don't.

anyway, his crazy schedule is over now, and i am really looking forward to getting back to the weekly schedules, grocery lists, and home-cooked meals. and even if all that didn't excite me, the cooler air and thought of soups and stews definitely does!

here's what we're having this week.

monday: beef tacos and chips & salsa

tuesday: crock pot chicken spaghetti (new recipe from pinterest. coming soon)

wednesday: philly joes

thursday: bbq chicken salad

friday: football game! (aka, i won't be cooking :)

saturday: cheesy pig in bread bowls

sunday: meatloaf and baked potatoes

have a yummy week!

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