Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cheesy Pig

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Cold days like today make me want soup. This is one of our very favorite soup recipes. I think it has a more technical name like "Cheesy Ham Chowder" or something, but my brother-in-law, Mark, renamed it Cheesy Pig, and the name stuck.

It looks like a lot of steps, but it's actually really simple.


10 slices bacon

1 C. diced carrots

1 onion (I just use some dehydrated onions)

3 Tbsp. flour

3 C. milk

1.5 C. water

2.5 C. diced potatoes

1 can corn-drained

3 C. cheese

2 C. diced ham

How to make this deliciousness we call soup:

-Cut the bacon into little pieces and fry it.

-Remove bacon from pan and cook onions and carrots in the grease.

-When carrots are cooked, add the flour and stir it in until it's smooth.

-Put carrots, onions, and flour in a pot.

-Add milk and water---stir.

-Add potatoes and simmer until they are soft.

-Add corn, bacon, ham, and cheese.

-Heat until cheese is melted.

Yum! It's even better in bread bowls!



Mark & Nicki Wintch said...

Bah! This was the recipe I was gonna post!

My Project Corner said...

I love this soup. It is the one that Nicki always made. Yummy!!!