Monday, January 9, 2012

ham & cheese sliders

oh man. the holidays brought some good food. i found this recipe on pinterest, and an appetizer party at my in-laws' was the perfect place to take them. yu-um. even the next day, after a little re-heating in the oven, they were delish. we ate them as an appetizer, but eat a few with some salad and you'd have a meal. i will probably be making these for dinner soon. my husband was a serious fan!

the recipe came from this blog 

12 dinner rolls (i used the costco ones from the bakery)
12 slices ham
12 slices provolone cheese

i cube butter-melted
1 tbsp. poppy seeds
1.5 tbsp. mustard
1 tbsp. minced onion

make sandwiches and place in a baking dish. mix together sauce ingredients, pour over sandwiches, and bake at 350* for 15ish minutes. serve warm.

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