Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Newest Feature

PRINTABLE recipes!

We have decided it would be a whole heck of a lot easier for you to print your favorite recipes you find here on howetocook in a convenient recipe card size. That way you can print, file, and always have your favorite recipes on hand. We hope you'll leave us some feedback on whether or not you find this useful and if you would like us to change anything about them.

Just look for this (or something similar!):

at the bottom of your favorite recipes. It will take you to a Google Docs page where you will need to click "File" then "Download Original" and it should bring it up in a PDF file that you can print.

This is a work in progress so if you're favorite recipe doesn't have a printable link on it yet, check back soon!!!


Shauna said...

YES!! Thank you!!

kara said...

Sweeeeeeet. ps - another dinner last night courtesy of your blog. Mexican Crock Pot. We all loved it. More crock pot recipes!!!!

Haylee said...

Brilliant I tell you. Brilliant!!

Tera said...

Great idea:) Thanks!