Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial BBQ

This family uses any excuse possible to get together and tank eat. I mean, thank goodness for holidays. Without them we would have to get together just for the heck of it...which we also do on a regular basis. But anyway, at least on holidays we can pig out with just a little bit less guilt.

This memorial day we decided to get together at my house and have a BBQ. For the menu we decided to do the classic burgs and weenys-with relish (the rebel in me cannot resist quoting Rizzo when the opportunity presents itself), some fresh fruit and the dreamiest fruit dip, honey glazed shrimp, stuffed shrooms, chips, and the best, I mean the BEST... homemade ice cream for dessert.

Now when this family gets together things tend to get a bit wild(she's wild)! So the husbands tend to do their part by being completely useless and ignoring everything going on. They actually have learned they are better off to just stay out of the way or they could get trampled by the stampede when the mushrooms come out of the oven. It's like that bull rush thing in France you see on TV. And I'm not kidding. If you don't get your hands on a shroom asap you plain and simply wont even get a smidgen of a bite, and then we will hear complaining for the rest of the day that we should have bought more mushrooms. Shoot I'm rambling. My point was... it's just better for everyone if the men play X-box while we get the goodens ready. See for yo-self.

I'm not sure what Collin is doing here, and don't mind Mindy behind the couch...she was taking care of the nappiest diaper I have ever had to sniffer. Oh wait, that was me.
Mindy is cooking the onions for the stuffed mushrooms.
This is Kim trying to get the ice cream and all that junkets ready.
Min making up the dreamy fruit dip. I call it heaven on a spoon.
My mom doing the dishes. Have I ever mentioned my mom and her love for doing the dishes? We sisters all love when she comes to our houses because she ALWAYS does the dishes. I'm talking like a million times a day does the dishes. If there is even just one dish in the sink she will wash it. You should borrow her sometime, she is super fab and handy dandy to have around!
Oh I can't foget to mention this uber cool mushroom.I bet you've never seen this before, because we hadn't. It was like a siamese twin of mushrooms which means only one thing...double the delishco mushroom goodness! We actully fought about who got to eat it (yes we are still 5 sometimes), and I don't even know who ended up with it, but it wasn't me:(
You cannot have a burger without avie! It's one of those little things that make life worth it!
This would be my hubs Grant trying to be funny. He thinks its just hilarious to try and thwart the amazing pictures I take.
Min glazing the shrimp skewers.
Ya gotta love a good cheeseburger! Oh and notice my awesome retro backsplash,
just pretend like its the 60's and you will think I am the bomb.com!
Macie and Brynlie eating who knows what at this point.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun stuffing our faces hanging out and letting the kids play. Watch for the homemade ice cream and the fruit dip recipes coming soon!

Tell us about your Memorial Day!

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Kaylene said...

I can tell ya one thing, my Memorial Day was no where near as yummy as yours! :) You guys are so gourmet! And so lucky to have each other to cook and eat and hang out with! Just love ya!