Monday, June 20, 2011

Feature Friday Ingredient: CILANTRO

Remember our freaking sweeeet Feature Friday contest? 
No? Then go here to read about it. 

So here's a story...I am approximately 25 years old. A young chick to some and an old geezer to others. Others meaning my husband's little bro. A few years ago (3 to be exact), this little brother, McKay (who my son is named after. So obviously we like him a little bit) was 14. He was stressing about girls or school or football or something that was super important to him, and I was trying to give him advice. He was half-listening when he responded with, "Yeah. But were 14 in what, like the 80's?"
Umm.....yes. I am 40 years old.
When I explained to him I was 14 in the year 2000, he could not believe that I was a "teenager in the 2000's??" I guess he thinks I'm ancient. Anyway, that brother-in-law said one day, as we were making tacos, "I love cilantro! I could eat it raw!" 
Haha. Anyway, as you can guess, this week's ingredient is one of our (and McKay's) faves:
  We loove cilantro and try to eat it on as many dishes as we can, so we want your favorite cilantro recipe--whether the cilantro be used as a garnish or a main ingredient. 
Send it to by this Thursday (June 23rd) and we'll pick one (or maybe two or three or four if we can't decide) recipes to feature this Friday!
Get excited! And then send your recipe!

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