Friday, June 10, 2011

Feature Friday! Wait. What the crap is that??

Okay. So here's the deal. I have only partially consulted with the seestas on this, but I'm going for it because I want to. Like how I just take charge? I pretty much wear the pants in the family. (Nicki will tell you she does, but really she's just bossy :) So we're starting a new 'feature' here on Howe to Cook. And it is...


Are you excited?? Get excited.

So let me explain...we're all foodies here, right? And if you're reading this, you are totally, absolutely, definitely, hopefully a follower, right? Okay. Stay with me. So because we love you and you are fabulous and we want to feature you for following us (say that 5 times fast), we are going to start Feature Friday! Woo!

And now you're still thinking, What the crap is that?? Yes? You're thinking that? Okay. Let me explain...

Basically, each Friday we will give you/post about an ingredient we love, and then for the next week (until Thursday) you will send us your favorite recipe that uses that ingredient. So it's kinda like an episode of "Chopped" only our ingredients will be normal and you won't have to use more than one. And you have more than 30 minutes. Lucky you! Then, that Friday (am I being confusing??) we will choose a recipe and we will feature YOU and YOUR BLOG and YOUR RECIPE here on Howe to Cook. Woo! Is that fun? I hope I'm not getting excited about nothing here. And don't tell me if I am. Food is exciting, people! 

So, we're staring today. And today/this week's ingredient is...
Wait for it...

Wait for it.

I said wait for it!

Okay. Calm down! Sheesh.
This week's ingredient is...


Ah! Did you expect anything else? It is, after all, our favorite ingredient :) is the time for you to email us your favorite cream cheese recipe! It can be anything that uses cream cheese. Dessert, main dish, side dish..whatever! And it can be any kind of cream cheese, too (you know..because there are those flavored Philadelphia ones). And we will choose one to post next Friday! 

We are excited. Are you excited? Don't be too cool. Send us your recipes! We will rant and rave about how wonderful you and your blog are, and then we will give you all the credit for supplying us with a new fab recipe and everyone will print it and love it and share it with their friends and family and you will basically be famous. Are you really willing to pass that up? Yes, you. I'm talking to YOU! It is going to be great!

And besides, if nobody sends us a recipe, we will feel totally lame. And then we'll have to cancel Foodie Followers Featured on Friday and we'll feel even more lame for our idea going kerplunk. Oh, and you won't be famous. Sooo do it! Send your fave cream cheese recipe to and we will love you forever!

The end.

PS, We love you! Thanks for following us and reading our blog! Oh, and we have a sa-weet giveaway planned for when we get to 200 followers. So spread. the. word!


dlpower said...

What a great idea. Excited for it.

Shan said...

Ooooh, I have the best recipe ever to send to you. I just need to remember to bring it with me to work. Called Mormon Cupcakes. Woo hoo.