Monday, February 7, 2011

Meal Tip Monday: Baked Bacon

I love me some bacon.
Who doesn't?
What I don't love, is cooking it.
 Am I the only one who hates having my house smell like a big, fatty piece of greasy bacon?
No thanks!
BUT! Good news! Did you know you can bake your bacon in the oven? I just recently discovered this little trick, and I am in heaven.
Place the bacon on a cooling rack and then place the cooling rack on a cookie sheet (which is lined with tin foil). This way, the grease drains off the bacon but doesn't make a mess.
I started by cooking it at 350*, and once the bacon was cooking I turned the oven up to 400*. It took about 15ish minutes total, and my house didn't smell afterwards!
Happy baking your bacon!

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