Monday, February 21, 2011

Meal Tip Monday: Speedy Rolls

If you haven't noticed by now, we Howe girls use frozen roll dough for everything. O.K, let me rephrase, not for everything...but alot. And more times than not when planning to use it, I am running late, behind schedule, and forgot to pull out my dough in enough time to thaw and raise. So, I have had to get creative. I will let you in on my amazing little secret that we sisters all now LOVE!

Pull your rolls out and put them on a plate. Microwave the rolls for 1 minute. Check to make sure they're not completely thawed or they will start to bake. Turn over and zap for 30 - 60 sec. By this point they should be soft enough to stretch for scones or pull into breadsticks. If making rolls and you want them to rise quickly, here is what I do. I turn my oven on and let it heat up. Then I open the door and set the pan on the door. They raise really quickly from the heat but don't bake. If you have little ones and can't leave the over door hanging open, follow the instructions on the bag which tell you to heat up your oven, then turn it off and put the rolls inside to rise. Happy Baking!

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